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About SFC  
St. Ferdinand College provides the following facilities for the students.

Data Center


Printing requirements for the college, offices, student organizations are handled by the Data Center. Official forms, programs and invitations, journals, typesetting of the school publication are some of the printing jobs the Data Center is always occupied with. This office is found at the ground floor of the Main Building beside the Registrar's Office.

Audio Visual Room (Valdez Hall)


It is an air-conditioned room complete with audio-visual devices. It has a seating capcity of 100 persons. The AVR is used for seminars, workshops, conferences, audiovisual classes and the like. It is located at the fourth floor of the Lourdes Building. Prior approval is required for its use.

Arranz Auditorium


It is a hall with 400-head seating capacity. This serve as the venue for big conferences, seminars and workshops, convocations and programs. It is also used for P.E. classes and music classes. This is located at the fourth floor of the Lourdes Bullding fronting the AVR. Its use is with proper coordination and approval.

Computer Laboratory Room


The facilities of computer laboratory classes are located at the first floor of the Lourdes Buildiing, SFC has three computer laboratory rooms equipped with Local Area Network and Internet facilities.

Nursing Arts Laboratory (NAL)


The Nursing Arts Laboratory is located at the third floor of the Parameedics Building. It is designed as a lecture/demonstration room/laboratory where nursing students are taught the rudiments of their professional services. The NAL is equipped with beds, hospital equipment and dummy models.

Birthing Center


The Midwifery biorthing center is located at the first floor of the Paramedics Building. Like the Nursing Arts Laboratory, it is where the midwifery students are taught the birthing procedures. It also serves the public through extending delivery services to mothers who are due for delivery.