The school in its commitment to help the poor but deserving students offers varied scholarship programs to qualified bonafide students of St. Ferdinand College.
BOT Scholarship

The BOT Scholarship slot is to be determined by the individual trustee provided that the candidates/applicants for the foregoing scholarship should posses the following quaifecations. The grantee for this scholarship is entitled to free tuition fee including computer and science laboratory fee.

Parish Scholarship

The Parish Scholarship by virtue of BR#91, s 1998 intends to help the poor feeder parishes. The qualified parish scholars are entitled to 100% tuition fee discount only. This scholarship is applicable only for those who have not earned any college degree yet. This shall not cover second coursers. The Feeder Parish Scholarship slot is to be determined by the concerned Parish Priest provided that the candidate/applicants for the foregoing scholarships should possess the needed qualifications.

P.D. 451 Scholarship (Student-Aide)

The P.D. 451 Scholarship Slot is to be determined by the administartion. The P.D. 451 scholar by virtue of BR#16, s. 1990 is entitled to free tuition fee including miscellaneous and other fees. The candidates/applicants for the foregoing scholarship should possess the needed qualifications.

Academic Scholarship for College

To qualify for an academic scholar in the tertiary level, either Full Academic Scholar or Half Academic Scholar, the applicant must meet the needed criteria.

SFC Alumni Scholarship

The St. Ferdinand College Alumni Association (SFC AA) as part of its service to the institution grants scholarship to poor deserving students who are interested to obtain college education. The scholarship offers free tuition fee for a macimum of 21 units only and miscellaneous fee including laboratory fee. There are only four (4) slots for Alumni Scholarship. Only after a grantee shall have graduated will new slots be opened to applicants. Applicants shall me ranked according to the criteria below and the one with the highest rank will be given the vancant slot. The qualified applicants will be subject for interview by the President of the SFCAA and the VP for Academic Affairs.

Other Scholarships and Financial Assistance Offered
bulletPrivate Education Student Fund Assistance (PESFA)
bulletState Scholarship Program (SSP)
bulletPhilippine Veterans Administration Office (PVAO)
bullet100% tuition fee discount for valedictorians
bullet50% tuition fee discount for salutatorians
bulletScholarships for Academic Excellence
bulletROTC Corps Commander/Staff Scholarships
bulletGazette Editor-In-Chief Scholarship
bulletMunicipal/provincial Scholars
bulletDiscounts to brothers and sisters studying
bulletFive (5%) percent discount for cash payments
bulletOther NGO Scholarship Programs