St. Ferdinand College was established on September 1950, based on Christian democratic principles dedicated to the original objectives of its original founders, the Knights of Columbus Ilagan Council 3705.

Old SFC  

With the able services of dynamic and scientificaklly-oriented faculty anf administrators, the College has offered the kind of education that prepares the student for Life. It provides every student with moral and intellectual training in Christian atmosphere so that they may become efficient and ready to play a dynamic role in the growth of the own country. 

The College has its formal operation on the School Year 1951-1952 and offered Kindergarten up to college level. Started occupying three small and temporary buildings enough to accommodate complete elementary grades with only one section each; a complete secondary level with only seven sections; and a handful of college students enrolled in Liberal Arts and in Elementary Education.

On the first year of its existence the college was operated purely by lay teachers and administrators, but because its desire to propogate stronger and more firm christian education the Late Rev. Msgr. Ricardo A. Jamias, one of the founders and spiritual Director invited the Franciscan Sisters to took over the reins of the College from 1952 up to SY 1974-1975.

During the SY 1952-1953, the newly constructed main building was occupied. Permit was granted by the Buraeu of Private Schools to open courses in Eudation and Commerce. Four years leater, the College reaped the first crop of graduates in the college level. Full recognition of all courses offered was granted on its fourth and fifth year of operation.

The coming of the Fransican sisters under the very able and energetic direction of Rev. Sr. Agnes Encarnacion gave an impetous to its enrolment and from then on their was a yearly increase in its of the three departments. The major turning point of the College came as a result of the opening of new course in education, the BSEEd. There was then a great demand of graduates finishing this course. The majority of the public school teachers were only ETC graduates. These undergraduates rushed to SFC for enrolment that increased very much the population particularly in the College Department.

The greatest problem met as a result of the exodus was lack of rooms. The main building, which was occupied by the three departments the library, the laboratories, and offices was not enough. The College had to look for a means by which it could accommodate all the students. With sole responsibility and help of the Board of Trustees, a loan was secured and the construction of separate buildings for the elementary, secondary, and HE practice house was started.

During the year 1962, the ROTC unit was activated which added more attraction to the male students. A separate ROTC and Armory building was immediately constructed for that purpose. The succeeding years, new major fields of learning was oppened: Accounting, Banking and Finance, and Management in Commerce; English, Mathematics, History, Science and Filipino under Education. This led to the establishment of a separate College of Arts and Sciences, and College of Commerce and Secretarial.

In 1965, the Graduate Course (the First throughout the valley) was opened. This led to the expansion of the library witth the purchase of hundreds of volumes of books to meet the requirements arising from the increase in enrolment.

Being fully recognized by the government, all the schools graduate and post graduate offerings are now well-established and has graduated many MA's, MBA's and MPA's since. In 1993, Ph.D. course was opened. The pioneer batch from this post graduate courase graduated in the SY. 1995-1996.

Old Main Bldg

The School of Midwifery was established in 1986. Its first batch of graduates include a topnotcher in the Board Exams. The Voc. Tech School was also put up in the year 1987 but it was closed years after because of dwindling population.

The decade of the 90's has witnessed significant changes which have been taking place in the College. Under permit 002 granted by the DECS, the School started to offer Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in the S.Y. 1992-1993. Again the School emerged in the national limelight when Batch '98 BSN graduate lended as one of the Natiional Topnotchers in the Nursing Licensure Examination. It was during the S.Y. 1993-1994 when the folowing courses was opened: Bachelor of Science in Management-major in Legal Management (which was also closed for some reasons other than poor enrolment); Two Year Medical Secretarial Course. The shool opened Bachelor of Science in Criminology course during S.Y. 1994-95 and it had been under the headship of the Dean of the AB Department. 

Because of the massive exodus of students to SFC, the Msgr. Ricardo Jamias Bldg. which houses the administrative offices, libraries and classrooms of the College of Education and College of Arts and Sciences underwent massive face-lifting while the our Lady of Lourdes Bldg. tasted finishing touches. A year earlier, the 4.3 M of Our Lady of Visitation building was constructed to provide adequate and comfortable rooms for the secondary students. In the year 1997, the 5 million pesos Our Lady of Perpetucal Help was completed to meet the growing demands of elementary graders. Also, a multi-purpose laboratory has been put for the High School and Elementary for their Home Technology, food processing, textile and sewing and handicraft making practicum. A fourth floor has been added to the Lourdes building and a 500-seat auditorium complete with its sound and stage lighting system was constructed. This hall has been named the Arranz Auditorium in honor to the late Judge Manual Arranz and Mrs. Magdalena Arranz, the School's first directress. The old seminary building accross mabini st. has been leased by the school for the paramedical courses. The building has been completely refurbish and its laboratories completely furnished. Due to increase population the school has likewise leased the old rectory and has converted into classrooms for the college department.

A separate colleges under the supervision of their own deans were established for the College of Accountancy and College of Criminology in the S.Y. 1996-97. During this school year, new courses were opened namely, BS Biology and BS Nutrition and Dietetics. These however, were closed two years after because of poor enrolment. The school envisions to open more courses in the next school year 1999-2000. SFC is now on the process of securing permit from the CHED for possible operation of these courses which include BS Information Technology (BSIT), BS Information Management (BSIM), BS in Computer Science (BSCS), BSEd-Religious Education; Health Science; BSC-Public Administration and AB majors Political in Science and Economics.

To keep pace with the call of quality education, SFC has been offering science curriculum in the secondary level. Computer subject have been integrated in the curriculum of elementary and secondary students. All courses in the tertiary level other than computer-related courses include basic computer subjects. The computer laboratories are now equipped with Local Area Network (LAN) with open line Internet to make available to students the latest windows based software and to keep them address with the latest information technology.

Being recognized for its good facilities and competent human resources, SFC served as the contest venue in the 1999 National School Press Conference on February 8-12, 1999.

For several years now, SFC remains the center of scholarship admission of the Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines in Region 02. In-School Board Review for Criminology is now in operation in the school and it is presently linked with the University of Baguio. A Review Program for Licensure Examination for Teachers(LET) has also started on Summer 1999. This is a continuing service afforded by the school to help students prepare in the Board Exams. at afoordable cost.

At present SFC also offered new programs namely: the Bachelors of Laws; the Master of Arts-English and Mathematics.