High School
The High School Department aims to produce a graduate who is:
A Christian who considers the Word of God as his/her daily source of personal strength and spiritual nourishment and enables him to practice Christian acts and virtues of his/her daily encounter with life;
A young man/woman with wholesome personality who utilizes his/her potentials in helping build Christian communities and enables him/her to do Christian roles and functions at home, in the community and society;
A Filipino who cherishes his/her cultural heritage as a God-given treasure and utilizes such potentials in his quest for identity and sense of nationhood. A Filipino who is sensitive to the issues that confronts him with his/her fellowmen and participates in the transformation of such issues according to the shape and Kingdom of God.; and
An SFCian who is simple, active, and responsive to the signs of the times and promotes the teaching of Jesus Christ whenever he/she is. An SFCian who values more the spiritual rather than the material needs of men and an SFCian who personifies the life of St. Ferdinand who through his life on earth was able to win the sentiments of people with his program of justice and peace for all.