Graduate School
The Program of Graduate Studies emphasizes the objectives of the school which are based on the goals for national development. It has the following objectives:
To prepare and mold the researcher, the scholar, the teacher, the professional, the business leader, and the public adminisrator to be of total service to the Christian Community.
To provide a center where ideas in the scientific and technological fields are discovered, tested and nurtured, making them congruent to the social realities and needs of a developing Christian Community.
To produce students who shall assume major rsponsibilities in the social transformation of society through task specialization and differentiated rolse contributions in order to help achieve the fullness of life and help build God's Kingdom.
Doctor of Philosophy in Educational Management (Ph.D.)
Provides the school administrator with specialized instruction in educational management. The course produces specially educated men and women who generate new knowledge, distill into wisdom, transmit it through teaching and utilize it as responses to the interest of a developing country, produces truly dedicated, productive researchers who will push forward the frontiers of human knowledge, promotes the growth of a special class of individuals who can be the most effective instruments of producing research that contributes to the development of the country. It develops educational professionals for leadership and research service for the improvement of quality Christian Education.
Master in Public Administration (MPA)
Course looks into the administration of the three branches of government, namely: executivelegislativeand judicial, most importantly, the interrelationships. Public Administration plays a significant factor in the formation of public policy. The course assists in the development of a pool of professionals who can meet tthe demands of public administration, updates the competencies of the professional and equip them with the necessary human, technical and conceptual skills to enbale them to effectively direct the affairs of their respective organizations.
Master in Business Administration (MBA)
This course provides the necessary knowledge and skills needed in business operations. It provides the student with adequate background in business operation aided by the tools of research, financial management, administrative policies, managerial accounting, managerial economics and other business-related courses. It also provides them with the managerial skills for productivity and total quality management.
Master of Arts-Major in Educational Management(MAEd.)
Course provides advanced knowledge and skills in educational management. It prepares the professionals of the education sector to become administrators, supervisors of educational institutions and professionalizes teaching proficiency of the individuals to become researchers in education and related fields for the improvement of school management and instruction. It trains the professionals to become leaders in educational management.