College of Accountancy

The College of Accountancy offers an integral education to develop responsible accountants who shall promote ethically sound and scientific theories and systems of accounting to enable the business sector to provide holistic service to the community.


The four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Accountancy in Saint Ferdinand College, is a program approved by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports, by virtue of Government Recognition (R-II) No. 004,s. of 1994, effective school year 1994-1995, issued on March 15 1995.

The program, BSC-major in Accounting used to be handled by the Commerce Department. In school year 1996-1997, the College of Accountancy was formally established as separate entity. On March 14-16, 2001 the college was visited by the PACUCOA team for its preliminary survey. The course offering was renamed BS Accountancy (BSA) with Mr. Isidro A. Siquian as the dean.

When Mr. Siquian left the school to pursue his career in politics, CPA Instructor Nicholas De Leon was appointed in-charge of the College. CPA-Instructors were hired that same year, and today, all accounting subjects in the College of Accountancy and other departments are being handled only by Certified Public Accountants from the College of Accountancy.

The College produced its first batch of BS Accountancy graduates in school year 1999-2000. A good number have become certified public accountants and with each succeeding batch, the ranks of SFC Certified Public Accountants keep growing.

It aims:
To participate in the mission of integral evangelization of the Church, particularly in the arena of commerce;
To uphold the honor, dignity and prestige of the Accountancy profession;
To help its students to develop into knowledgeable and competent professional accountants;
To provide for the continuing professional growth of its faculty and administrative staff;
To optimize utilization of its expertise in integral community extension service.
Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
This four-year course prepares the student for a career in accounting and to make them ready to deal effectively with problems they will face as professional accountants and responsible citizens. This course provides the basic college general education subjects, general business studies and accounting education. It also provides the foundation on which they can build additional knowledge, and with maturity and experience, learn to be a fully qualified professional accountant. Ultimately, the course prepares the student for the CPA board examinations.

Completion of this course ensures the graduates to become employees of banks, business firms, brokerages, realty corporations, marketing and sales, or managers of their own businesses. The prospect of becoming a CPA is provided by the completion of the course. Passing the licensure exam will qualify the graduates to be in-charge of treasuries, auditing firms and consultants of businesses and even heads of finance-related operations of many businesses and industries.